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Montgomery County schools saved $1,264,000 in the first five years.

In the past eleven years, Rowan County schools have saved $10,105,000.

Energy costs in the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools fell by 26% over ten years with Educon.

Energy Savings Program for Schools

EduCon offers an efficient and practical program to reduce energy consumption and costs in your school district without sacrificing comfort or safety by:

• Using proven energy conservation strategies and technologies.
• Establishing an accounting system that accurately tracks, analyzes and reports energy consumption and costs.
• Providing local leadership, coordination, and assistance from EduCon.
Involving the occupants of a school in controlling the use of energy.
• Providing additional benefits to your school district.

EduCon is guaranteed to save you money. Savings will far exceed Educon’s fees and costs for local leadership and coordination!

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Energy Star - Educon  Advantages of EduCon’s Energy Savings Program