Energy Conservation Features

Conservation Strategies and TechniquesEducon Energy Savings kw hours

The major focus of the program is on increasing awareness and implementing behavioral change strategies that require no alterations in mechanical equipment or increases in the current energy budget. School system staff, with the assistance of EduCon, will formulate practical strategies that can be easily implemented. As part of the total energy conservation package, EduCon will also perform an energy audit and offer recommendations on equipment and technological changes.

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Accounting SystemEnergy Star - Educon

A reliable and informative accounting system is essential for the successful management of an energy conservation program. EduCon will recommend software that tracks your energy costs and consumption to manage and control the use of energy. By storing historical and current data, the recommended system can analyze trends, identify potential problems, provide reports and graphs, calculate energy and dollar savings and provide the basis for important energy management decisions.

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Local Leadership and Coordination

Leadership and coordination are essential for the success of an energy conservation program in a school system. EduCon will work with the administration of your district to select the best method of providing local coordination. Alternatives may include assigning a full-time or half-time energy manager, assigning a part-time manager at each school site, or a combination of the two. The alternative selected will be funded from the current energy budget, using funds that are saved through implementation of EduCon’s energy program.


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Building Occupants

Many energy conservation programs fail because they emphasize only technology and equipment and do not involve the people who occupy the building(s). EduCon is interested in seeing that school districts purchase, use, and maintain proper equipment, but the major emphasis of its energy program, ensuring the intelligent consumption of energy, must primarily involve people. The involvement will focus on awareness and change of current behavior without requiring additional staff time and effort.


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Additional Benefits to Your School District

By reducing your energy costs, EduCon will help you show the public that your district is accountable for the money that taxpayers provide and that you are committed to getting the “biggest bang” for your energy bucks.

EduCon can also assist in developing an awareness and behaviors among students that will not only influence them to reduce energy costs at school, but will also provide them with the attitudes and knowledge about energy conservation for operating their homes in cost-effective ways throughout their lives.

EduCon encourages school districts and individual teachers to participate in the NEED (National Energy Education Development) project, which provides curriculum materials and training in energy education. The program complements the work of EduCon and can produce additional savings to the district through reduced consumption of energy during the school day.

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Energy Conservation Features